A powerful tool you bring to work.

The food you bring to a job site is an important addition to your tool box. We can teach you how to use it.

Your work is all about the right tools for the job. The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries has partnered with the University of Iowa to develop a convenient and powerful nutritional training tool for you to bring to your next job site. Making good choices now can help you today, tomorrow, and years into the future.

With our free training, you can learn about why nutrition matters, eating a well-balanced diet, shopping on a budget, reading labels, healthy packing and snacking, hydration, food safety on the job, and much more.

Why should I take the nutrition training?

It’s quick and convenient.

45 minutes online.

It’s free.

Offered to you by BOLI at no charge.

It’s a great addition to your resume.

Complete the course and earn a certificate to add to your credentials.

If you are an apprentice with ODOT-BOLI, you are eligible to participate in a research study with the University of Iowa.

Complete a short survey before taking the training and receive $20.

Take me to the training!